Don Hancey”The more I cook with my oven the more I understand its culinary diversity. From fish fillets drizzled with olive oil, to whole fish baked, pizzas of any description from the classic Bianca to a lobster and scallop. Breads to die for, lasahnes to live for!┬áThe Cooler months are perfect for baking legs of lamb and slow cooked braises. Let the kids run wild with yummy fresh fruit and chocolate desert pizzas!” -Don Hancey.

Ian Parmenter“I believe in cooking for fun and as a way of nurturing
friends and family. Nothing gives me greater culinary
pleasure than firing up my oven and cooking a range
of dishes from pizzas and breads to roasts, puddings
and cakes, and serving them up to a crowd of hungry
palateers who have shared in the process…. Bliss!”-Ian Parmenter.

Geoff Jansz“I’ve always drawn inspiration from the time honoured
methods of cooking from countries all over the world.
Now with my Amalfi Woodfired Oven, I can
not only re-create some of these wonderful meals and
experiences, but I can also experiment to create my
own modern wood fired classics…. wait until you try
my pizzas!”-Geoff Jansz.