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KLAY Wood Fired Ovens brings Amalfi to MENA(Midde East & North Africa), the most popular wood fired oven brand from Australia. With the high temperature and heat retention of these ovens you can have a multi-cuisine food fiesta at your home. Make piping hot Italian style pizzas,European, Arabic or Indian meats and breads. We believe that everyone should be able to afford and enjoy the benefits of a wood fired oven.

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Features of KLAY Wood Fired Ovens

KLAY’s Amalfi Wood Fired Ovens are an investment in lifestyle and entertaining taking outdoor living to the next level. Traditional Knowledge combined with modern 'no brick' technology gives high heat and maximum heat retention. The first Australian and Worldwide registered wood fired oven design (1998) using 3 part purified refractory clay shell system.

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Learn how to cook Pizzas at high temperature, roasting, grilling, BBQ, baking, tandoori and all kinds of breads. Click her to see date, time and location of our next demo.


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KLAY Wood Fired Ovens can be found on display at various centers around Dubai. Click here to see our next location.



  • Don Hancey''The more I cook with my oven the more I understand its culinary diversity. From fish fillets drizzled with olive oil, to whole fish baked, pizzas of any description from the classic Bianca to a lobster and scallop. Breads to die for, lasahnes to live for! The Cooler months are perfect for baking legs of lamb and slow cooked braises. Let the kids run wild with yummy fresh