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CONE by HOFATS Germany - A charcoal grill that is so smart! Thanks to the intuitive heat control, it’s just as convenient and flexible to operate as a gas grill - and with a true BBQ taste! The secret: the distance between the charcoal grate and the food is continuously adjustable. The higher you put the heat source, the more heat your grill gets. Want to sear the food? Move the charcoal grate right to the top! But that’s not everything: because CONE also links the height adjustment with the air supply - from maximum in the highest position to closed in the lowest position. The air supply becomes an integral part of heat control, making CONE even more effective. Simply brilliant. And brilliantly simple! Create the perfect atmosphere during or after the meal by turning CONE into a fire pit in no time at all. The perfect way to end a BBQ!


What this multi-talent can do

CONE has everything you need for a professional BBQ experience: continuously adjustable heat control, a very large grill area with two levels and a convenient operating height. You can easily whip up big BBQs for 10 to 15 people! Functional details, such as a hook for BBQ tools (e.g. tongs holder) and practical accessories, make grills with charcoal an absolute pleasure! For example, you can create an XXL work surface by attaching one or two side tables! Another smart feature is the integrated stainless steel lid with temperature display, which can be fully closed or left half-open. A magnetic locking mechanism on the hinge securely holds the lid in the desired position. Use the CONE cast iron cooking grate to give steaks the perfect grill marks and prevent fish or grilled cheese from sticking. The matching drip tray makes your BBQs even healthier, as it keeps fat and marinades away from the embers.

CONE Charcoal Grill


    • Charcoal Grill And High Fire Pit 
    • Direct, Continuously Adjustable Heat Control 
    • Large Grill Area Thanks To A Second Level 
    • 100% Stainless Steel, Heat-Resistant And Powder-Coated
    • Functional Details, Wide Range Of Accessories
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