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BOWL 70 by HOFATS Germany - Create impressive experiences on a grand scale and extra space for memorable fire stories with more than 50 percent more barbecue space and even more room for friends. Its simple elegance and fascinating multi-functionality ensure unforgettable barbecue evenings and lounge parties by the open fire. 


The black steel hemisphere sits securely on the star base and in its horizontal orientation provides warmth for numerous friends. By tilting the hemisphere, you can protect the flames from the wind and effectively guide the heat in precisely the direction you wish. Whichever way you turn it, the removable ash tray inside the hemisphere guarantees optimal air supply due to a multi-stage ventilation mechanism for a smoke-reduced and cleaner fire and is easy to clean.


Hungry guests? With the right kindling, BOWL 70 is ready to go in around 10 minutes. Grill grid and plancha (accessories) transform BOWL 70 into a versatile cooking and grilling station for meat, fish or veggies. 


Two planchas put together as a ring turn BOWL 70 into an extra-large plancha grill and offer extra space for your creativity! You want to have a casual cocktail party or raise the working position for grilling? No problem - with the screwable tripod as an accessory, the BOWL 70 can be raised one level in no time!

BOWL 70 Fire Bowl | Grill

  • It's the inside that counts. This is precisely where we focused our attention and completely redesigned our ash tray. The dual ventilation system ensures that the wood is supplied with sufficient fresh air in every BOWL position. The impressive result? The wood burns almost smoke-free, cleaner and completely. 

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