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SPIN By HOFATS Germany -  a wild whirl of flames in a decorative glass cylinder conjures up the finest campfire atmosphere on your balcony, terrace or living room. An eye-catcher with a warm radiance. 


SPIN enchants every situation with inspiring light effects and a cosy atmosphere. The spectacular fire whirl attracts attention, the radiating warmth simply does a world of good. Use SPIN indoors and outdoors. On the living room table, as a lantern on the balcony or as a garden torch. With the organic höfats bioethanol, SPIN burns safely, odourlessly, smokelessly and sustainably (not included, please order separately!).


Sustainable höfats bioethanol burns odourless and smokeless for approx. 60 min. Do want to extinguish the flame quickly? Just place the enclosed extinguisher on the glass cylinder and the flame goes out in a few seconds.


SPIN90 Table Fire Lantern Silver

  • Dimensions: Base: Ø 19 cm, Glass Tube: Ø 9 cm, 40.5 cm Height Mounted

    Weight: 2.6 kg

    Material: Housing: Stainless Steel; Glass cylinder: Borosilicate Glass


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