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Odourless, smokeless and organic: The original höfats SPIN bioethanol gel fuel made from thickened alcohol is produced from renewable raw materials and enables you to enjoy the perfect flame experience with your SPIN. With a clear conscience and maximum safety, you can relish the warmth of the fire spectacle without hesitation and let your balcony, terrace, living room or dining table shine in the impressive light of the SPIN flame.


With our höfats bioethanol fuel gel, you are on the safe side in every aspect. Fine-tuned to the SPIN right to the very last detail, it ensures the perfect flame experience for you and your guests.



    • Safe, Natural, Sustainable, Odourless And Smokeless Fuel
    • For Filling The SPIN Gel Fuel Cup 
    • Burning Time SPIN 120 Approx. 80 Minutes
    • Burning Time SPIN 90 Approx. 60 Minutes 
    • 1l Bioethanol Burning Gel Per Bottle 
    • Safety Burning Gel According To Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (REACH)
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